Trek to Brahmagiri Hills Nashik, Trimbakeshwar

Brahmagiri Mountain peak Nashik, Trimbakeshwar

In Maharashtra, the monsoon provides a wide array of hiking options. During the monsoon, there are several hiking options to choose from, and Brahmagiri Hills Nashik, with the carpet of lush greenery surrounding the mountains, everything appears here to be incredibly green.

With a height of 1298 meters above sea level, Brahmagiri is one of the highest peaks in Western Ghats’. The hill, which is located in the Nashik area, has religious importance as well. Lord Shiva’s home is known as Brahmagiri, which relates to Lord Brahma’s hill.

brahmagiri hill - mountain
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Because the Godavari is also known as the Dakshin Ganga, the mythology surrounding her origin at Brahmagiri is remarkably similar to the legend around the Ganga’s origin at Gaumukh.
It is claimed that Brahmagiri was the abode of Rishi Gautam and Ahilya and that it was because of their worship that (Dakshin) Ganga came down to earth to flow.

It’s also raining heavily, but that’s part of the fun – being drenched in the rain and still walking.

Trimbakeshwar, being one of the twelve Jyotirlinga, is a known pilgrimage place that is constantly crowded. If you prefer to spend some time in peaceful nature, this 3-hour hike is great.

One such place is Brahmagiri Hills Nashik, which is based near Trimbakeshwar in Nasik. Brahmagiri is a source of the Godavari River, which is the lifeline of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. Every river in India is worshipped and embraced as a God. The river’s source is said to be exceptionally divine.

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Sky above, earth below, peace within.

This place is worth spending a few hours trekking even though it is quite tough. The view from the peak of Brahmagiri hill is so breathtaking that you will love every moment. From the top of the hill, you can see the entire Trimbak city.

Trimbakshwar to Brahmagiri is about a 10-minute walk. The entire Anjaneri span may be seen on the right side of this trek, and the route ends with stone climbs that go through the valley in the center of the Brahmagiri mountain.

Following this path will lead you to Brahmagiri’s magnificent stone-carved door. The peak of the Brahmagiri hills can be reached by climbing via these stones.

shiv temple       temple at brahmagiri mountain


On the high terrains of Brahmagiri, you can engage in adventurous activities such as nature walks and treks. Many arrangements have been made for the hiking paths in the woods.
The panorama of Brahmagiri hill is a visual treat for everyone because it is filled with natural beauty.

Best Time to Visit Brahmagiri Hill Nashik

When it comes to weather, Brahmagiri is always at the top of the list. Because of the moderately cold climate, most tourists prefer to visit the Brahmagiri hills between October to March. The monsoon season brings relief from the heat of the summers in Brahmagiri, but also a slight rainfall.


Brahmagiri hill temple
Brahmagiri hill temple – Shubham Bhagat 📸

When Lord Shankar meditated here, he expressed his gratitude to Lord Brahma by saying, “I shall be remembered by your name.” Therefore, it is called Brahmagiri.

Sadyo-Jata, Vamdev, Aghora, Ishana, and Tat-Purusha are the names of five peaks on this mountain that are worshipped as Lord Shiva’s five mouths.

On the Brahmagiri Hills Nashik, water flows in three ways. The one streaming towards the east becomes the Godavari river, the one flowing south becomes the Vaitarna river, and the one flowing west becomes the west-flowing Ganga, which connects the Godavari at Chakra Tirth. In front of the Trimbakeshwar temple, the Ahilya and Godavari rivers merge.


  • When leaving, wherever feasible, try to take the usual way (rather than the steps).
  • Carry some extra food to distract the monkey’s attention away from you.
  • Keep your cameras, phones, and other valuables safely packed inside your backpack.
  • Since the trip to Brahmagiri Hills, Nashik would take 3–5 hours, a backpack may be useful to carry some water and food to keep you from starving.
  • Wearing lightweight shoes (highly recommended).
  • Mountain trekking requires shoes with a strong grip rubber sole.

Distance from Major Nearby Cities

  • Mumbai to Brahmagiri – 169 KM (3 hrs travel)
  • Pune to Brahmagiri – 241 km (5 hr 51 min travel)
  • Aurangabad to Brahmagiri – 212 KM (3 hrs travel)
  • Nasik to Brahmagiri – 30 KM (42 mins travel)

It’s a mind-blowing place, – both in terms of climate and photography. This is the must-visit place if you genuinely appreciate nature. The place is known for its stunning scenery and cool breeze. A trip to Nashik would be incomplete without a visit to Brahmagiri Hill.



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