A few days ago I visited (Pavan Chakki) Windmills at Sinnar, Nashik with my 2 friends. I stopped in the Mohadari Ghat, to capture this beautiful sight.

Monsoon is not only a season but it is a feeling!

clouds at Windmills Nashik

Monsoon! It’s time for the lovely earth fragrance, the little raindrops on the window glass, the thunderous sound of rain, and falling in love all over again. It has the ability to enhance the beauty of nature.

Everything around you is vivid, alive, and delightful. If you are fascinated by the picturesque season, you will certainly appreciate the foggy cloud, lush surroundings, and breathtaking waterfalls.

traveling to windmils, Sinnar

Windmills Sinnar, Maharashtra ka Switzerland

We routed from Nashik road in the early morning at 6.30 am and reached by 7.30 at Windmills and the peak was fully covered with clouds & Firstly, we were in amid fog and raindrops (showering). Secondly, after reaching the top we were so damn hungry in that cold wind & rains We opened the dabbas (tiffins) which we brought from our homes and started eating hot Poha, it reminded us of good old times when we used to go for picnics.

Windmills Nashik_Perfect Paradise


wanderer_windmills Nashik

The rain had just stopped, and everything was crisp, clear, and bright.
The gathering of clouds over the windmill caught my attention. They appeared to be ready to deliver a heavy blow on the windmills.

Windmills can be found in Nashik. This location is as clean as beautiful as it gets, located near old Sinnar, near Pandhurli village, Mohadari Ghat.
Surrounded by a lush green bed of grassland, this location appears to be in the lap of heavenly paradise. It’s also called the mini Switzerland of Maharashtra.

There is a village called Pandhurli that is blessed with nature, and the windmills that are located there enhance the beauty.


Windmills_Pavan Chakki_Mountains


This spot embraces the beauty in a way that no other can because it is gently kissed by the clouds. The wind turbines are shrouded under a veil of pristine, clean, and bright skies. Moreover, Witnessing this stunning and magnificent view is a must-do during the monsoon season.


Because it is located in a remote area, it is only recommended that visitors come in groups. Since it is located away from the town center and close to a tiny village named Pandurli.
Apart from little kiosks and ‘tapris’ where the weather can be enjoyed with a wonderful strong ‘cutting chai’! because there aren’t many eating alternatives nearby.


  • It is about 30 – 35 kilometers from Nashik City and close to Deolali.
  • It will take about 25 minutes to get there from the main Deolali.
  • Take the Mumbai-Shirdi-Nashik Bypass Highway and you will witness windmills on both sides of the route.

Note – Mumbaikars can make a One-day trip at Windmills Sinnar.


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