In Maharashtra, where Nashik is renowned for its special Misal Pav dishes, everybody loves and eats Misal Pav. Kolhapuri Misal, Nashik Misal, Puneri Misal, Khandeshi Misal, and Nagpuri Misal are some of the Misal pav varieties available, with Nashik Misal being the most popular so far. Nashik is often referred to as the wine & Misal capital.

It is made up of (a spicy curry made of sprouted moth beans) and ate with Pav. The dish is finished off with ‘Farsan’ or ‘Shev,’ onion, lemon, and coriander. This spicy and delicious breakfast dish is often eaten with buttermilk or curd and papad.

In search of the best Misal Pav dishes in Nashik, I’ve as in Nashik Blogger curated a list of the top 10 must-visit Misal Pav places in Nashik.

1) Sadhana Misal: Sadhana Misal which is also known as ‘Chulivarchi Misal’ is a hot spicy Curry with some farsan. It came with the two curries onion and lemon in a single pot, big papad, two sizes of jumbo pav, and very little curd dish. With Curry Extra, I ate Misal, with two more pav’s. The owners told me they were cooking with their own masala, which makes it rare and spicy.
Apart from all these, there is a very beautiful selfie point which is made of open umbrellas on tree branches although they have started Bullock cart ride, camel ride, and horse ride.

Sadhana misal ambience     bullock_cart_sadhnana

Note – The popular Sadhana Misal Nasik is only available until 14:30 from the first half of the day. As a result, schedule your visit accordingly.

2) Grape Embassy & Zatka Misal –


Grape Embassy misal           Grape Embassy_Nashik

“India’s First Grape Roof Restaurant. Dining / eating under a grape yard is the most interesting thing about this place.
Amazing place! Missal is too yummy… Spicy & tempting! with misal they also serve fresh Grapes from their yard and sweet dry fruit lassi which I loved the most. Must try the raisin chocolate.
Beautiful & peaceful environment with lots playing activities, farms and most important the joyful tractor ride with drums backside.

3) Shamsundar Misal –

shamsundar misal nashik

Famous Misal located in Nashik in Satpur, the MIDC with a large sitting area. The Misal is delicious, with perfectly balanced spices, chilies, and oil. It’s not very hot and oily. The Pav is served fresh and worked well with Misal to mop up the Tari (gravy) Rassa and Tari are served separately so that you can configure the right portion of spices. The ultimate result is like a tasty firecracker in your mouth.

4) Nikhara Misal Nashik –

Nikhara Misal

Nikhara Misal in Samarth Nagar,  Nashik is a top player in the category Misal Pav Centres in the Nashik. The misal is well served in mud pot with smoky coal flavor which gives misal an amazing smoky and authentic taste of Nikhara Misal and Mastani.
Although with misal they also serve fries and jalebi as in desert and sweet curd.

5) Peruchi wadi

                  peruchi vadi misal    

Newly opened Peruchi Wadi [ चुलीवरची मिसळ ] Nashik, Nashik city in the state of Maharashtra is a famous destination for Misal Pav. The misal tastes really great. This restaurant is worth visiting because it is right in the middle of a guava farm/field.
It’s the perfect combination of nature and food, and the best part is that rabbits can be found roaming around the tables. There is also a play area for children. Also, try its unique guava ice cream which is very good.

6) Tushar Misal –


Hotel Tushar Missal is serving the Nashikkars for the Past 51 years with authentic Maharashtrian Missal Pav. The taste is nice, a little on the spicy side its best for people who love to eat spicy food, but you can leave satisfied. Service is good on weekdays. I also tried another delicious item from their menu i.e. batata wada, rassa, and sev which is been ate with pav.

7) Aamchi maati aamchi mansa (आमची माती आमची माणसं) – Amazing village theme park in Deolali. This is a kind of picnic spot with some kids activities, horse ride, bullock cart ride. They also have made small huts to depict the village theme of life. They have a restaurant which serves delicious food. We had Misal Pav here which was amazing.

8) Hotel Vihar Misal – Hotel Vihar is one of the city’s most famous breakfast spots. In the early hours, it is mostly visited by young people, as well as college and office staff. Families, on the other hand, tend to come on weekends. The misal tastes flawless, the rassa and tarri, served unlimited is a crowd-pulling technique adopted here. Instead of just misal, you can try the Udupi Snacks. It’s really tasty south Indian stuff. Must try the Rava Dosa and the Onion Uttapam.

9) Barbeque Misal –

Barbeque Misal_nashik                     

Barbeque Misal is the Best Place for All Misal Lovers In Nashik City, quality food, quick service also they are taking care of all the hygiene protocols.
Talking about misal they serve four types of rassa (Tari) i.e. Nashik Rassa, Pune Rassa, Kolhapuri Rassa, and Green Rassa. The Speciality about bbq Misal it’s unlimited just for Rs.99/-. I personally liked Nashik and Kolhapuri Rassa. They serve unlimited misal including unlimited pav.
The rassa quality is improved. The good thing is that they also have the pocket cafe Tea Bar where we can get various snacks & breakfast items.

10) Anna Misal – If you like spicy, then you must visit this place. Misal offered over this place is very spicy and it tastes great. If you visit, then you must try this misal with tarri. The missal is still best same as from its earlier days. The taste is just great and spicy.


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