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Things to Carry while Trekking to Kalsubai

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Things to Carry while Trekking to Kalsubai

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Are you someone who is Looking for Things to Carry while Trekking to Kalsubai?

Or someone who is planning a trek to Kalsubai?

If yes, then this article can definitely provide you with some good piece of information regarding the Things to Carry while Trekking to Kalsubai and how you can make best out it.

Trekking is growing as one of the most emerging adventures activity in youth’s these days.

It is one of the best ways to connect to the mother nature and feel the pollution free environment away from the cities in which we are living today.

Trekking also one of the best way to spend some quality time with your friends and family.

Trekking activity helps you to build team spirit and allows you to work in groups.

Kalsubai is one of the most well-known places when it comes to trekking in Maharashtra. Its highest summit is at the evaluation of 1646 meters.
Kalsubai is the highest mountain point present in Maharashtra. It located in the Western Ghats and lies between the Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary.

When it comes to trekking at such high peaks which are located outside in the places where there is a shortage of basic facility then your safety is in your hands.


Your safety should be your first priority and you should carry the things that are required by you to fulfill all your basic needs.

So if you are planning to trek anywhere make sure that you carry the below things to make your trekking experience safe and enjoyable.

Things to Carry while Trekking

Trekking Shoes

Trekking shoes are one of the most important things you must have if you are planning a trek. These shoes are specially made and designed for maintaining grips on all kinds of surfaces.

Many people use sports shoes or casual shoes while trekking but it can cause a huge risk to your life as they don’t have any stiff grip with the surface. Avoid using these types of shoes.

You can also try some waterproof trekking shoes which cost a bit high but it can be a good one-time investment for you.

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A good Backpack is a must-have thing when you are going for a trek. The backpack must be capable of handling all your basic things.

The size of the backpack may depend on the time you are going to spend on the trekking spot. Make sure that the backpack is waterproof and have sufficient space to place water-bottles.


Having your own Water-Bottles while trekking can prevent you from dehydration. Due to lack of connectivity at such height, there is short of water at high points.

You must have excess water as much as possible with you in your water-bottles. You can also use double insulated water-bottles to keep your water at the same temperature for a longer duration.

Flashlight or Torch

If you are someone who is planning to trek in dark time or staying in a camp then you must have a flashlight or torch with you.
This can help you to make your vision more clear in the dark.
These small things sometimes can act as a lifesaver for you in an emergency situation so never avoid any basic thing while you are traveling anywhere.

Smartphone or Camera

If you are someone who loves to capture every moment that you spend in your life then you must carry a smartphone or camera with you.

These devices provide a great platform to share your experience in the form of photos and videos with others.

I personally prefer a smartphone rather than the camera as it is more compact and can be used for multiple purposes.

Sun-Glasses and Cap

Sun-Glasses and Cap must be in your checklist to carry with you while going to trek.

These body accessories protect you from the direct contact of sunlight your body and protect you from sunburn or skin darkening.

Power Bank

If you are going for the trek for longer duration then you don’t want that your devices should run out of battery and you miss any moment.
This portable power bank allows us to charge our devices and capture every moment of your trekking experience.
If you are carrying multiple devices then try to carry a power bank with more mAh capacity so that it can charge up all your devices.


If you are someone who frequently goes to trekking then this is something that you must have with you.
This multi-purpose small tool can help you in many situations like cutting, digging small holes, etc.

First-Aid Box

You must carry a First-Aid Box with some basic medicines so that you are ready for any emergency condition.
As these places are situated at higher peaks hence there is a lack of basic facility so you should carry these basic medications with you.

Munching Items

Munching Items likes dry fruits, chocolates, energy bars, etc. can help you to regain your energy while you are trekking.
As trekking requires a large amount of energy hence you continuously need to regain the energy that is being exhausted by having such munching item.

Trek Pants or Trousers

You should avoid jeans and half trousers so that you will feel more comfortable and prevent your body from being in contact with the outer environment.
You should use trek pants or trouser with more pockets so that you can put all your necessary things in your pockets.

Trek Route

If you are going for trekking to any place for first place then you must have a rough idea about your trek route which will help you from getting lost.

I hope that the above piece of article has provided you with some valuable information regarding the things that you should carry with you while trekking to Kalsubai.

Lets us know which things you would like to carry with you if you are planning to trek in the comment section below.

Also in case, you have any doubt or suggestion about the article you can write to us in the comment section.

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