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Nashik - Shirdi Airport will finally start on Sunday
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Nashik – Shirdi Airport will finally starts on Sunday

Nashik – Shirdi Airport will finally start on Sunday Shirdi: The Nashik – Shirdi Airport at Kakadi, which has been closed for the last one and a half years due to the Corona crisis, will reopen on Sunday (Dec. 10). This was confirmed by Shirdi Airport Director Sushilkumar Srivastava. The corona outbreak led to a nationwide lockdown last year. Since …

Nashik Metro Neo
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Nashik Metro Neo Project Delayed Due to Corona

The journey of Metro Neo of Nashik was delayed Nashik Metro News: Though the Nashik Metro Neo project has been approved in the Union Budget to strengthen the city’s public transport system. The journey of Metro Neo has stalled as it is still on the agenda of the Union Cabinet meeting. After the announcement to start the tire base metro …

coronavirus in Nashik
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Coronavirus cases in Nashik | News Corona Decreasing

Statistics show that the incidence of Coronavirus cases in Nashik is decreasing in the district. On Tuesday (Oct 5), 63 patients in the district tested positive for corona, while 71 patients successfully defeated corona. The deaths of two Patients were recorded during the day. At present, 901 patients are undergoing treatment in the district. Coronavirus cases in Nashik On Tuesday, …

Top 23 Best tourist Places to visit in Nashik
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Top 23 Best Tourist Places to Visit near and in Nashik

Nashik is known for its dual identity, which is a mixture of ancient and new. It contains magnificent, historic temples on the one hand, and luxurious wine retreats that have become super influential on the other.  Nashik is regarded as the “Wine Capital of India” for a reason. With a journey to the finest tourist places to visit in Nashik, …