Want to experience something unseen and beautiful then welcome to the Sula Vineyards. It is located at Gangapur Nashik. The very place where the wines are made from scratch and along with you can see the journey of wine from the grape gardens to those expensive bottles.
A visit to vineyards and wineries in Nashik is a pleasant experience for people of all ages and it’s carefully curated to give you an inside look at the winemaking process while allowing you to make wonderful memories along the way.

The Sula Vineyards is a well-known winery located in Nashik, 180 kilometers north-east of Mumbai, renowned for its sparkling wines such as Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and Zinfandel. Let’s look at the history of it when the company started from a mere 30-acre estate in Nashik and has now expanded over Nashik and Karnataka to about 1,800 acres.
This large estate is open to the general public and has gained immense popularity over the years for a round of wine tasting and a vineyard tour throughout the year.


The best time to visit here is from January to March, which is harvest and crush season. If you are here around that time then don’t miss one of the most happening Sula festival. The country’s leading gourmet world music concert, with wonderful music, delicious food followed by the most exciting grape stomping activity taking place here is an added delight.

It also houses an outstanding Gift and Bottle Shop, which has several unique wine labels that can only be bought from the winery. You can pick your favorite wines from this shop as a souvenir as a takeaway of memories or for gifting purposes.
The two restaurants, named Little Italy and Soma, on vineyards, serve delicious Italian and Indian food in both these restaurants. The Tasting Room is a beautiful venue in front of the vineyards and backwaters of the Gangapur Dam.

Rose Zinfandal_Sula

Why Sula vineyards

Sula Vineyard Front View
Sula Vineyard Image Courtesy- Wikimedia

The vineyards also house a living retreat, a winery, and a tasting room where people can taste different samples and varieties of wines made in the winery.
The place looks like it is a villa that is wrapped around by wineries. It is the kind of place from which you can sit down on the villa’s balcony, have a glass of wine in your hand, and enjoy the view.
What do you expect if you think of a one-day trip? A calm environment, away from the noisy cities, ideal for all Instagram (these days are really important). Well, Sula Vineyards is only the place that would relax you with your hustle and bustle.
The vineyard is a perfect getaway away from the city’s noise for people who want to spend their weekend or day off at leisure.
The location’s ambiance and scenery are such that tourists don’t even know they’re actually in India, and the breathtaking views completely transform them into a different world.

About Sula fest

Sula Fest seems to be one of India’s best festivals drawing half of India’s music fans. The need for a break in the daily grind of one’s life is sufficient.
It’s a fun-filled activity festival where visitors can enjoy hardcore music, food, wine, and fashion. The 2019 Sula Fest was a grand celebration; visitors enjoyed the presence of a number of famous guests.

Sulafest at Sula Vineyards

It’s called Sula Fest Live Vineyard Music Festival and takes place at the winery each year. This two-day world music festival for gourmets started in 2008 and offers its visitors some great food and drinks with catchy music. People who attend the festival will take part in grape tasting, wine tasting, and camping during the festival.

Aren’t you already daydreaming about this place, why not just quickly pack your bags and have a breathtaking experience with your loved ones?

To do things-

Visit Kashyapi Dam Further ahead

It is around 20 km from the Sula vineyard. It is an unexplored region.
I was reached there and I was amazed. It is lovely. You would like to drive and look around for a pleasant spot where you’ll stop the car.
But there’s no one around. The whole lake is for yourself. I was dazzle to see the clean environment, still and clear blue water. We put our feet in the water and went through a beautiful calm time there.
Hence, this location is highly recommended for people who like peaceful places with no crowds and who like to explore abandoned areas.

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