Every weekend, I would often just pack my bags and head to a nearby mountain to hike in Sahyadris. This time the visit was to a small fort in Northwest of Nashik city called Ramshej fort. The fort is about 3273 ft on Nashik – Peth road. The base village is Ashewadi.

This time on the weekend I decided to visit Ramshej fort along with 3 friends. we had planned an early morning trek to the place starting on Saturday morning at 6 am by car from Nashik Road. The fort comes in easy grade and not much effort is required to climb it but on reading the history of the fort, It was quite interesting so I was sure the visit would be equally worthwhile. So I was all backpacked on Saturday morning, on my way with my travel buddies to explore and adventure yet another place that had played an important part in our history.



At the base village of Aashewadi, the Ramshej Fort trek begins. The trail begins with a concrete path, followed towards the end by stone stairs and a steep rocky path. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the lush green area below and the blue sky above while ascending. It takes about an hour for the top of the fort to be reached.

We have finally started our trek to Ramshej. When we began trekking, it was almost 7:00 AM. While trekking, clicking pictures & videos, listening to good music, chitchatting, watching the stunning landscape as we went up and up, we had a lot of fun. Beautiful views of the lakes, dams, temples, trees, and villages around the fort were visible. We shot all the lovely views as we could with our cameras and eyes.

In a large cave near the entrance of the fort, a temple dedicated to Lord Ram is situated. Rest for a little while and immerse yourself in the quiet environment. Potable water is contained in a cistern situated near the temple. Broken steps lead to the top of the fort near the cave temple.

sunrise_ramshej fort

A vast plateau with very little fortification is at the top of Ramshej Fort. You’ll come across a few more temples here, some water cisterns, the old building remains, rock-cut caves, and some ancient ruins. Enjoy the wonderful bird’s-eye views of the picturesque locale surrounding the fort when you are at the top.

The history behind Ramshej Fort

History has it that the fort was besieged by the army of Aurangzeb, and the Maratha kingdom was threatened by his commanders saying that they would conquer the fort in hours, but Sambhaji, the son of Shivaji Maharaj, defied these attacks for 7 years. Thus, the Fort remained with the Marathas for a longer time than the fighting lives of some of the army commanders of Aurangazeb who believed that the fort would be taken down in hours.

Best of the Ramshej Fort Trek

  • The breeze touching your face is stunning, as is the view from the top of Ramshej Fort.
  • For beginner hikers to explore on the weekend, Ramshej Trek is the best fort.
  • Enthusiasts of nature will be delighted to see green farms surrounding the Fort of Ramshej.
  • On the way to the apex, one can find some tamarind trees as well.
  • Exploring Ramshej fort, which goes back to the 17th century, can fascinate history buffs.
  • This holy fort is also known as the location where Lord Rama lived during his exile for a while.
  • One can notice the mountain ranges of Trimbak and Satmala from the top of the Fort.

Best time to visit Ramshej Fort Nashik


The best time to visit the Ramshej Fort Trek is at the monsoons’ beginning. The rainy season helps because when it rains, the hillside suddenly bursts into greenery, and during those short dry spells in the monsoons, the soil is firm enough to climb.

How to get there

•One can reach Nashik from Mumbai and Pune.

•Then board an S.T from Nashik’s CBS bus station to Peth and alight at the Aashewadi Phata.

•A walk of some minutes takes us to Aashewadi village, where we can see the Fort.

•The route to Fort goes from the village’s backside by keeping Fort on the left side.

•One can also travel by private vehicle to the base village Ashewadi.

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