Nashik – Shirdi Airport will finally start on Sunday

Shirdi: The Nashik – Shirdi Airport at Kakadi, which has been closed for the last one and a half years due to the Corona crisis, will reopen on Sunday (Dec. 10). This was confirmed by Shirdi Airport Director Sushilkumar Srivastava.

The corona outbreak led to a nationwide lockdown last year. Since the lockdown, the airport has been closed. Transportation to this airport is dependent on Sai devotees, and Sai devotees were not coming to Shirdi as the Sai temple was closed.

Now that the temples will also be open for devotees, the flight had to start. In view of this, the Airport Development Authority has decided to start flights to Shirdi Airport.
SpiceJet and Indigo Airlines will initially operate flights to Delhi, Hyderabad, and Chennai.
The first flight from Delhi will arrive at Shirdi Airport on October 10 at 11.30 am. The same flight will leave for Delhi at 12.30 pm. 2.30 pm The flight will land at Shirdi Airport from Hyderabad and leave for Hyderabad at 3 pm.

The flight will arrive at Nashik – Shirdi Airport from Chennai at 4 pm. Will leave for Chennai again at 4.30 pm. It is mandatory to follow the rules laid down by the government for air travel. There is an atmosphere of joy among Sai devotees as the flight starts after 18 months.
He also expressed satisfaction over the resumption of employment of vehicle owners in Kakadi.

Locals in Ahmednagar, along with Sai devotees from across the country, have demanded that all 28 airlines be resumed from Shirdi Airport as soon as possible.

Work begins for night landing

There are signs that night landing from Nashik – Shirdi Airport will start soon. Work begins on setting up a system for night landings during the lockdown. However, due to some difficulties, this work is in progress. As soon as these works were completed, the question of visibility began to be resolved. Movements are underway to start cargo services from this airport.

This will soon benefit the farmers and traders in the area for the import and export of goods. It is one of the most preferred airports in the country after its inception and there is a need to add more sophisticated facilities.

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