The Kalika Devi, Nashik Sansthan has finally withdrawn its decision to charge a fee of Rs 100 for the darshan of goddess Kalika during the Navratri festival.

Kalika devi temple Nashik

So devotees will now get free darshan, But you have to register online for darshan. Both doses of the corona vaccine are mandatory for registration and devotees below the age of 10 and above will not be allowed to enter the Sansthan.

The Sansthan has since reversed its decision to charge a fee; However, registration has to be done online. In order to control the crowd and follow the corona rules, devotees have to book online when they come for darshan.

The temple will be open 24 hours a day and only 60 devotees will be able to visit the temple in an hour. A meeting of  Mandir Sansthan was held with the police and municipal administration on Friday afternoon and all these decisions were taken in this meeting.

The district and police administration has given the right to use the curfew order under section 144 to control the crowd, keeping in view the gravity of the situation in the Devi Mandir area and to prevent the spread of corona.

Although the  Kalika Devi, Nashik Yatra festival has been canceled, there will be daily Nitya Puja, Aarti, and Mahabhishek in the Devi Mandir during the Navratri festival.

Taking this into consideration, the temple administration has decided to keep the temple open for 24 hours during the Navratri festival.
The temple administration has appealed to other devotees who do not register online not to crowd the area with the temple.

However, devotees have to register online for darshan. Registration will only take place if both doses of the corona vaccine have been given. Devotees below 10 years and above 65 years will not get admission as per government rules.

Devotees should cooperate by following the rules


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