The journey of Metro Neo of Nashik was delayed

Nashik Metro News:
Though the Nashik Metro Neo project has been approved in the Union Budget to strengthen the city’s public transport system.

The journey of Metro Neo has stalled as it is still on the agenda of the Union Cabinet meeting.

After the announcement to start the tire base metro service in Nashik in October 2018, the work of surveying the metro in the city was done by CIDCO and Maha metro.

As there is no capacity of 20,000 passengers per hour to start metro service in Nashik, Mahametro recommended running elevated tire base metro.
Accordingly, a survey was conducted by a Delhi-based rights company for the Tire base Metro service. The project was renamed ‘Metro Neo’ in August 2019. He then submitted a proposal for the Centre’s approval.

While presenting the budget for the financial year 2021-22, it was announced to provide Rs. 2092 crore for the Metro Neo project.
The project will cost Rs 2,100.6 crore, with the state government, CIDCO, and NMC contributing Rs 255 crore.
The central government will raise Rs 707 crore and Rs 1,161 crore in the form of loans.

Municipal Corporation will provide space for the construction of the project.
The Corona delayed the journey of the Metro Neo project but was followed by four to five meetings of the Union Cabinet.

As the issue of Metro Neo approval was not discussed in these meetings, Nashik residents are expressing the expectation that the route of Metro should be made easier through the arduous journey of files.

Simultaneous inauguration of the Nashik Metro Neo Varanasi with Nashik?

Although the deadline for the Metro project is 2023, all the projects have been extended due to Corona.
Therefore the Metro project will also be extended.

However, after the corona, the Nashik Metro Neo project has stalled as the business is going smoothly everywhere and especially major infrastructure projects have been sanctioned across the country. The project has been approved in the central budget.

Therefore, the project will happen, but on the backdrop of the Uttar Pradesh elections.
Moreover, the project is likely to be inaugurated simultaneously in Nashik and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Varanasi constituency.

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