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Gangapur Dam – Backwaters an amazing place to visit in Nashik

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Gangapur Dam – Backwaters an amazing place to visit in Nashik

Gangapur Dam – Backwaters, Nashik

Gangapur Dam, Backwaters an amazing place to visit in Nashik

Nashik, India’s wine capital, attracts a large number of travelers around the globe to its trade openings and a rich, chronicled history,
from which Gangapur Dam Backwaters is a place to relax.
It is a peaceable vicinity for recreation.

Along with great brises around, you get a feeling of divinity.

I keep in mind amid childhood days, we used to paint a scene on a canvas, which ordinarily had lavish green, superbly symmetrical mountains with a waterway running in between them.

Backwaters, Nashik

Gangapur dam maybe a page straight out of that!
Best & quality time with loved ones can be spent at backwaters.
Above all Families can also spend time on weekends, kids and youngsters can moreover enjoy playing different lively games like Football, Badminton, etc,
However, on the other hand also the best place for enthusiastic picture takers and vloggers.

Gangapur Dam – Backwaters, Nashik

An amazing way to get there and enjoy your time in the warm and beautiful weather with some knickknacks and finger snacks.
A beautiful and friendly area with a quiet atmosphere, this place is just the best for every day,
and you can visit most of this place in groups every day.

The view of the Gangapur Dam, Backwaters is mesmerizing. It seems too beautiful to be true.
Above all, I suggest you visit Sula Vineyards or York Vineyards to appreciate the lovely backwater with a glass of wine.


Gangapur Dam – Backwaters, Nashik blogger

Must do:

Try wines at Sula

Sula Vineyards is found amid the rolling slopes of Nashik neglecting the Gangapur Dam Backwaters. A visit to our vineyards and vineyard is an agreeable encounter for individuals of all ages.

Enjoy in a select, all-access visit of our vineyard taken after by a wine tasting session.

Loosen up with a glass or two at The Tasting Room neglecting the vineyards with all-encompassing sees of the Gangapur lake.
So, you can have lunch at one of our eateries and remain back at the flawless ‘Source at Sula’,
India’s to begin with the legacy vineyard resort, the Tuscan turn, or ‘Beyond by Sula’ that houses a world-class boundless pool—it’s the culmination of a weekend getaway together with your beloved ones!



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