Statistics show that the incidence of Coronavirus cases in Nashik is decreasing in the district. On Tuesday (Oct 5), 63 patients in the district tested positive for corona, while 71 patients successfully defeated corona.
The deaths of two Patients were recorded during the day.

At present, 901 patients are undergoing treatment in the district.

Coronavirus cases in Nashik

On Tuesday, 35 patients from the Nashik Municipal Corporation area, 26 patients from Nashik rural area, and two patients from outside the district were diagnosed with corona. The deaths of two victims have been recorded and both of them are from Nashik rural areas.

The number of pending reports in the district has again increased significantly. Till late in the evening, 2,980 patients were waiting for the report.

Firstly, reports of 2,655 patients were pending from Nashik Rural, 182 from Malegaon Municipal Corporation area, and 143 from Nashik Municipal Corporation area. A total of 449 patients were admitted to the hospitals and homes in the district.

Secondly, 445 patients were from the Nashik Municipal Corporation area. No patient was admitted to District Hospital, Dr. Vasant Pawar Medical College. 

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