I’ve been to some of the most beautiful places in Bhandardara. The drive to these attractions is also challenging. Some of the roads leading to the attractions are in terrible condition.

The trip to the sites was wonderful and picturesque. We were riding through lush greenery, and the small farms that passed us by on the way were freaking amazing.

Way to Bhandardara
Way to Bhandardara

Beautiful Scene while traveling to bhandardara

It was a wonderful feeling. This is the place to go if you enjoy nature and want to get away from the chaos and bustle of the city.

If you live in Nashik or one of the surrounding towns, a short trip over a long weekend is a must to get away from the chaos and madness of the Forest. Maharashtra is known for its delightful small towns/villages dispersed around the state and Bhandardara is one of them, where visitors may rent a car in Nashik and go on a day trip or relax for a few days.

Bhandardara, located in the picturesque region of Igatpuri, has grown into one of Maharashtra’s greatest and least commercial hill stations. Mount Kalsubai, the highest mountain in the state, is found in the village. Bhandardara is the ideal escape for the mind, body, and soul, surrounded by natural lakes, waterfalls, flora, and wildlife.

Bhandardara Waterfall_Bridge

Bhandardara is a hill station in Maharashtra’s Sahyadri Range. Beautiful landscapes with lush greenery, immaculate hills, and, of course, countless stunning waterfalls can be found in this pristine region.
With the beautiful Arthur lake, Kalsubai mountain, and other camping areas, Bhandardara is becoming the weekend destination for city folks from Nashik, Mumbai, and Pune looking for a getaway in nature.



Continue reading to learn how to plan your trip to the fullest Adventure!

Best time to visit –

Arthur Lake_Bhandardara
Arthur Lake_Bhandardara

When visiting Maharashtra’s hill towns, there’s one rule to follow: go when the temperature is cooler. The state’s best seasons are surely monsoon and winter.

While hundreds of fireflies can be seen in the pre-monsoon season, the monsoons and winters bring possibilities for trekking and camping, and Bhandardara’s abundance of crystal clear streams and waterfalls, as well as fishing and boating, make it a year-round place to visit.

That’s when Bhandardara comes alive for visitors in all its splendor. Firstly, if you’re planning a trip, go after the monsoon, between August and November, when nature is bathed in all shades of green.
Secondly, You can also visit during the winter months, between December and February, to get a feeling of the chills and cold temperatures.

Top 5 Must Visit Places in Bhandardara By Nashik Blogger


Bhandardara’s whole attractiveness is found in its water bodies, breathtaking gardens surround, and historical forts. If you’re planning a trip to Bhandardara, these are the top 5 places to see in Bhandardara:

Wilson Dam – Wilson Dam is India’s oldest dam, has been constructed in 1910. The sluice gates regulate the flow of the Pravara River, on which it is constructed, providing a spectacular view from the top. At the base of the dam, near the river, there is a garden where you may sit and enjoy the scenery or take a stroll.

Arthur Lake – This calm and clean lake, surrounded by the rich flora of the Sahyadri Mountains, is ideal for camping, hiking trails, or a ferry ride.
The pristine skies and calm blue lake (with boating facilities) seem amazing almost all day, as the sun rises and sets, and the stars come out to light up the night sky.

Camping, bonfires, stargazing, and nature trails in the neighboring lush forests are some of the activities that make this location a must-see in Bhandardara.

Ratangad Fort – All forts have a story to tell, and the 400-year-old Ratangad Fort in Bhandardara is no exception. It is reported that Shivaji, the great Maratha monarch, captured this fort from attackers during his reign.
The ‘Eye of the Needle’ is a naturally created rock fort with a narrow spire that tapers upwards. Experience the stunning vistas of the Sahyadri Range by climbing the fort’s rock elevation.

Kalsubai peak – Mount Kalsubai, Maharashtra’s highest peak and the highest point on the Sahyadri Mountains, measures 5,400 feet above sea level. Most trekkers choose to trek through the surrounding hills to the closest point. Because the terrain and height are tough and physically demanding, make sure you have the proper trekking gear and are well prepared for a long journey.

Randha Falls – Maharashtra’s water bodies are abundant and at their best during the rainy season. If you visit Bhandardara during the monsoon, the Randha Falls are a must-see. The roaring Pravara River flows over a 170 ft valley, creating a sight and sound that embraces the entire environment — a moment to relish in peace and treasure forever.

How To Reach Bhandardara?

By Road:- Bhandardara is easily accessible by road from all parts of Maharashtra. This town is traversed by State Route 44.

Mumbai – If you’re coming from Mumbai, follow National Highway 3 (NH# 3) and turn right after passing through the Ghoti toll booth. The road from Ghoti to Bhandardara is around 30 km, with gentle bends and curves.   The farsighted railroad will drop you off at Kasara station. There are several rides available to take you to Bhandardara lakeside camp, which takes approximately 3 hours.

Nashik – Take NH# 3 south from Nashik to Ghoti and turn left. From here, drive approximately 23 km on Ghoti-Bhandardara Road until turning left along with SH# 44 and reach Bhandardara.

Pune – Bhandardara is about 175 km away from Pune. To get to Ghargaon, take the Pune-Nashik Highway (NH# 50). Take SH# 21 up to Bhandardara from Ghargaon. SH# 21 goes slightly left at Kotul and becomes SH# 44, which leads to Bhandardara.

Forest Walk At Bhandardara


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