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I am from Nashik and in love with this beautiful city in the Western Ghats of India.

Each place visit has memories and it remained with me until now and now it’s time to share my stories with all of you.

I’ve been called a solo traveler, Instagrammer, Photographer.

I am simply happy to pack my bags and go to places because I have always wanted to see if they happen to be in vogue wonderful but I am happy to visit places which make me feel insane, like sunsets, the wind blowing into my hairs, waving water touches my feet. <3

I’ve been 24 years old, I grew up in wine city, Nashik, a few other things you may not know about me. I’m currently living in Nashik, India, I am an MBA graduate with a job in advertisement and marketing.
Here, on Blog of Things, I post voyage and food and hope that in my adventure you will be inspired to live your life with me.

I am one of those people who love to travel to amazing cities and places rather than sitting at home. I have started this Nashik blog called NashikBlogger, which will contain details and photographs of all places around Nashik that I visit.

In this blog, I will moreover talk about Travel Tips, Travel and Vegetarian Food, Travel, and Fashion.

Why do I love to Tavel

I have no list of buckets. I want to go all over, I want to see everything, touch everything.
I’m not planning to detail my trips. A bike/car is all I’ve got to make sure of traveling through Nashik. All else is left to serenity. Where I travel, I love to talk to the locals, they are the best guides I have met during my trips.

That is why I love people, public transport and local food. I love relaxing in a homestay and try to make travelers accountable and minimize
the environmental impact of my voyages. meanwhile, I like to promote local businesses.

I love to be in nature – I love long walks in the forest, a mountain ride, or a beach walk. I love to discover the hidden little places in a town so much.
Photography is the best part of my journey and I make sure that we have enough time to make good pictures of lovely sunsets.